Our summer officially ended last week with the solar eclipse and my girls' first day back to school all in one very exciting day. One of the highlights of a truly wonderful summer (a road-tripping, visiting-friends-and-family, river-swimming, blackberry-picking, glorious summer!) was finally getting a chance to try my hand at some natural dyeing.


In June, we visited my friend Rosie who lives about four hours away in the country, up north in Humboldt. In her outdoor summer kitchen, we very unscientifically filled two big pots with water and avocado pits and skins, heated it all up, added cotton and linen fabrics, some ribbon and other bits and bobs, and magically came away with a mountain of gorgeous peach, pink, purple and grey fabric. Although the end of summer is bittersweet, I was happy to be back in the studio last week and able to finally sew up some dresses with this beautiful fabric. 

I hope you've had some adventures of your own lately, crafty or otherwise. If you've thought about natural dyeing, I encourage you to give it a try! Natural-dyeing with avocado is particularly easy because no mordant is needed, the ingredients are easy and yummy to come by, and, of course, most importantly, the colors are gorgeous.


something different

A few things I made around the holidays as gifts...banners and little stuffie necklaces (so you never have to be without a lovie.) Wishing I had more time to play and experiment with these ideas. Might be fun to add some to the shop sometime. (p.s. In the end, I couldn't bear to give away the tiny kitten banner so it lives with me in the studio now.)

summer 2016

One of the highlights of our summer so far. 10 days in Ashland, Oregon while the girls went to horse camp.

sneak peek

This summer has been all about prototyping a new design. I've made dozens of kittens. I'm excited to finally unveil the new luckyjuju design in a few weeks.

I'm so pleased to be able to welcome you to my new home on the internet. I'm just settling in so let me know if you have questions, comments, feedback, suggestions for this space or if you just want to say hi. I'd love to hear from you.